Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cosmic Sea       [nonce form]

Was idly musing as I watched
A Midsummer Night's Dream last night
was muttering as I hopscotched
about the way things turn out right
so long as it's a comedy
it's different though in tragedy

Was vaguely thinking as I drove
my bicycle along the lane
how those who suffer fight and love
go traipsing through my merry brain
they sing and dance in comedy
they weep and grieve in tragedy

what genre am I living through?
what form informs my plodding life?
I strive to see the story through
despite delay regret and strife
if this is deemed a comedy
what need have I for tragedy?

The tragicomic hybrids me
like masks of Janus tellingly
the pith and core and mystery
eludes   a silent irony
the cosmic sea of comedy
grinds down the sand of tragedy


The first two lines of the poem are borrowed from a remark by Alankrita Pandey.


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