Thursday, August 03, 2006

"The impractical"       [ghazal]

The impractical became   let's say   my signature
the resourceful ponder with dismay   my signature

the allure of poetry opens its veil   and buys me
on a bill of lading I write today   my signature

I but hope now   to withstand the season   standing
would you recognize   should I fade away   my signature?

I began with bold ambitions of wonderful deeds
I became   on the bill my soul must pay   the signature

In the school of the active   the serious vie for tenure
on the line of arrest I inscribe with play   my signature

When I limned her eyes she asked   who dares near likeness?
did I paint   in far too obscure a way   my signature?

Are the leaves of life in chapters   like a romance?
are they pierced by threads to make them stay in signature?

In every nook and cranny   I failed to reach you
even photos strangely just display   your signature

Who is the author of time?   his lines strike deep
though I've yet to feel the last touche   his signature

Does it matter   what jewels or baubles adorn her neck?
I behold   in every cypress sway   her signature

The letter you write   is carried by fish and birds
when the breezes play   the leaves array   your signature

If Ardeo should seek permission   to learn the lute
would you write (beside a terse okay)   your signature?


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