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Mini Moksha Chalisa (40 little liberations)   [dohas]

Always I listen   for you
often I hear   your footfall
see how the skies   adore you
blooming all blue   with nightfall

Always I seek   your smile
often you hide   your visage
see how the nights   beguile?
no one can grasp   your message



Marigolds never blossom?
orchestras never glisten?
memory cannot reach you
still I must sit and listen

Sympathy is a blessing
empathy is a duty
symmetry is expressing
mystery's hidden beauty

Difficult are the roadways
trecherous is the treasure
solitude has its virtues
company is a pleasure



  *   *   1   *   *
Wandering endless highways
shadowing distant landscapes
doesn't he ever wonder
why we all live in cities?

  *   *   2   *   *
Everyone says she's pretty
everyone feels she's charming
everyone claims he's witty
even when he's strong-arming

  *   *   3   *   *
Energy has a limit
nobody knows precisely
when they will finally dim it
darkness will tell us nicely

  *   *   4   *   *
Isn't it quite ironic
even when it's a weekend
here he comes supersonic
maybe the plot has thickened

  *   *   5   *   *
Actual deeds are marvels
wonderful talk amuses
look at the many hovels
politics just confuses

  *   *   6   *   *
Summer is where the sun is
winter is when it snows here
youth might be when the fun is
happening?   no on knows here

  *   *   7   *   *
Let me believe his story
surely it has a reason!
doesn't the morning-glory
last for a pleasant season?

  *   *   8   *   *
Aren't her lips inviting?
isn't her gaze enticing?
weren't you busy writing?
poetry's made for parsing

  *   *   9   *   *
Only when we are living
can we untangle meanings
let us become forgiving
soon enough come the keenings

  *   *   10   *   *
Now I will rest in silence
jabbering has its hazards
everyone has their parlance
someone prefers the gizzards



History has its legends
politics is a hazard
musical evenings burgeoned
up in the sky   a buzzard!

Chamomile makes you sleepy
coffee will keep you vivid
nothing in life comes cheaply
why is the lady livid?

Bonaparte was admired
Savanarola lost it
Milarepa retired
Delaware? George he crossed it

No on will give an answer?
nobody grasps the question!
why don't you ask the dancer? --
simply a stray suggestion

Metaphor knows few limits
simile shows gaood uses?
aren't we like two comets?
no! we are just cabooses!



Almost a Tale (in Eight Dohas)

Yes! the decor was stunning
all who arrived looked happy
service came bright and running
pity the food was crappy

Leaves with the green of jasper
flowers as lush as maidens
but if it's fruit you're after
you will need more than patience

Never a word unseemly
perfect in pitch and diction
gliding along serenely
she had attained pure fiction

Hip to the latest fashions
movies and books in season
learning the suavest motions
everything save a reason

When he had climbed the ladder
gaining his bit of power
strangely his face looked sadder
why are the wealthy dour?

When we were poor but striving
wasn't our zeal tremendous?
when we were finally thriving
wasn't the void stupendous?

No on discerned the trouble
no one could guess its basis
nothing would pop the bubble?
no one was making faces

Seek what your heart desires
more than the whims of others
after they've lit the pyres
no one attains their druthers



Juniper has its berries
certitude is a blessing
life is a bowl of cherries
only when we're caressing

Kissing became their language
perfect in punctuation
he was concerned with syntax
she showed imagination

Why could they never linger?
why would no dream continue?
life was a lucid singer
death was a change of venue



All attains dust's finale
dust yet presents a sequel
haven't you seen the valley?
verdure could show no equel

Sorrow begins our tale
babies are all born crying
if I said none would wail
I would be clearly lying

Freedom may be a feature
only attained through struggle
yet the serenest creature
rarely betrays life's trouble

Sleeping gives rise to waking
rest in the end brings effort
after the mill comes baking
work is the root of profit

Epigrams like to utter
certainties more than questions?
poetry yet can mutter
stumbling through suggestions

Rivers desire the ocean
if one believes the story
everything shows commotion
seemingly bound for glory

Train on the track runs quickly
man through the street weaves crazy
troubles may pour down thickly?
who would allow we're lazy?



If you recite these dohas
possibly you may smile
even if they're so-sohas
maybe they hint at style?

If I eat breakfast dosas
while I write morning dohas
though I'm not wise as Moses
I'll enjoy mini mokshas


Blogger Batul said...

David, From 32 onwards, you surely attain philosophical moksha. It's a great form, and you've given it a new color.

Sun Aug 06, 11:58:00 PM PDT  
Blogger david raphael israel said...

Ah thanks Batul, hadn't noticed your note. Well "moksha" is pure pretentious balderdash on my part (I don't know why I even invoke the word) -- though you (Batul Mukhtiyar) seem (by your surname) to belong to the Moksha family so I'd be remiss in entirely brushing off your kind judgment. ;-)

-- but I guess the "mini mokshas" idea arose for want of many rhyme possibilities vis-a-vis "dohas." Since (however) I lack the dosas, I've so far failed in the recipe for complete happiness (i.e., dosas + dohas). ;-)

Be as all that may, I'm gratified for your feedback.


Tue Aug 08, 12:37:00 AM PDT  

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