Friday, August 04, 2006

"Vanished glory"         [gnomic verses]

One wearies of words   which never attain the center
and where is the center?   words decline to say
I should like to find the original word-inventor
and ask him   Have you had a tremendous day?
I wonder if he'd reply   Indeed my lad
we're talking!   why should language leave you sad?

One wearies of words   which never discover the source
and where is the source?   my words cannot explain
I'd want to hear the Ur wordsmith pouring forth
such syllables as amuse his primordial brain
presumably he would speak of Stone and Tree
but who's to say?   we've lost that poetry

One wearies of words   must I mention it three times?
thrice knells the bell   in so many a fairytale
is it insult to injury   sounding my blues in rhymes?
and what (as the old poet asked)   could words avail?
I'd love to enjoy   the first-most speaker's story
my poetry then might bathe   in his vanished glory


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