Tuesday, September 05, 2006

(available for purchase)   Green tea!     [email rec'd]

My friend, the New York choreographer Gloria McLean, sends this note -- which I think I can post for poss. interest of the small, select audience apt to see it here.

Dear All:

It's tea time again!

I just want to remind you that the MOST DELICIOUS JAPANESE GREEN TEA in the world is available to you!

New shipment just in!

High Quality SENCHA (Excellent flavor and aroma)   100 g. bag   $10
Top Quality SENCHA (A little more delicate, delicious!)   100 g. bag   $15
GENMAICHA (sencha mixed with roasted brown rice and a touch of matcha)   200g   $10
Plus Shipping

My teas come directly from Japan, from Hiratsuka-en, a family of tea merchants for four generations.
The tea - sencha -- is grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, the premier tea harvesting area of Japan, where it is hand-picked, rolled, and roasted. It is then packaged by hand at the Hiratsuka family warehouse in Ibaragi. In many trips to Japan, I discovered there is no finer tea in all of Japan than Hiratsuka cha.

Health benefits: green tea has been shown to fight viruses, slow aging, lower cholesterol, control high blood pressure, and lower blood sugar. Its powerful antioxidants (catechins) protect cells from damage linked to cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses, and boost the immune system.

Distributed in America exclusively by me.

Send your order by email. Be sure to include mailing address.

Spread the word!

Thanks for tasting the difference!

Gloria M.

[if writing, you might do well to mention this blog, if not acquainted with Gloria]


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