Friday, September 01, 2006

"The big world"     [frog song]

The big world gleamed and glimmered
and I was just a frog!
New York and London shimmered
            none knew my bog!
we frogs are happy fellows
obscurity is our fame
as autumn's evening mellows
            the flies remain

The big world trilled and sang
a trifling frog was I!
Paris and Petersburg rang
            for envy sigh?
we frogs are happy creatures
and bogs are our delight
this field shows all the features
            of autumn's light

The big world beamed and flittered
I was a frog forsooth!
Mumbai and Rio glittered
            I'd spent my youth!
we frogs are plesant peasants
and bogs suffice our need
the thrill of autumn's presence
            we love to heed


This follows from a fable blogged in February, The Frog Literatus. There have been several earlier frog songs (some of them being listed at end of that story; but at the moment it's an incomplete index).


Blogger andy gricevich said...

"I was a frog forsooth!"


Sat Sep 02, 10:29:00 PM PDT  

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