Friday, September 22, 2006

"A Chevy poem"     [quasi-gnomic ditty]

Lorna Dee was thinking of writing a Chevy poem
since Billy Collins claimed Chevy's a word unsuited
to poetry   myself I love a Levy poem
it could be a light or a heavy poem   fluted
or drummed   whatever may fit the wit and whim
when a Chevrolet drives through with polished trim

Lorna Dee was hankering to write a Chevy poem
whereas Billy Collins said Chevy's a word objectionable
for poetry   myiself I favor a bevy poem
verbosity is arguably perfectionable
though the taciturn could be charming or disarming
if a Chevrolet drives through?   oh it's alarming


Occasioned by reading this on Lorna Dee Cervantes' blog:
I'm working on a poem . . . right now that has the word, "Chevy" in it. I think it's about a primer red '54 Chevy truck (with wood side boards and a cherry engine) but that will depend upon the musings and amusements of the Muse. But, definitely, it will have the word "Chevy" in it, especially in the title. Why? Because Billy Collins thinks that's a word which should never belong in a poem.
Hence this riff.

"I love a Levy poem" -- recalling the advertising ploy, "You Don't Have To Be Jewish To Love Levy's Jewish Rye" (something I encountered as an adolescent in the pages of East Coast artsy magazines -- probably The Evergreen Review [hmm, not only has the old magazine [or I mean, its cover-art] been selectively archived online, furthermore, Evergreen has (since 1998) been revived as an annual, onine publication] -- as a form of pop-art kitsch I think; but we didn't see the actual bread in California)


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