Friday, September 22, 2006

"I moonlight as a crooner"     [gnomic riff]

A chicken farmer briefly   before he became a teacher
an astronaut in early life   he later was a salesman
I moonlight as a crooner   in day I am a preacher
the sleuth of syncronicity   still dabbles as a mailman
the budding choreographer   is generally waiting tables
the renegade photographer   is in the typing pool
today he runs a pharmacy   he used to clean the stables
I major in philosophy   I minor as a fool


Still musing on Robert Creeley, I read this in the Wikipedia:
Creeley was born in Arlington, Massachusetts and grew up in Acton, Massachusetts. He was raised by his mother with four sisters, and lost his left eye at the age of four. He entered Harvard University in 1943, but left to serve in the American Field Service in Burma and India 1944-5. He returned to Harvard in 1946, but took his BA from Black Mountain College in 1955. When Black Mountain briefly closed, Creeley moved to San Francisco, where he met Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, and befriended Jackson Pollock.
He was a chicken farmer briefly before he became a teacher.
Hence this riff.


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