Friday, September 15, 2006

"No words"       [haiku sequence]

Ask the autumn cloud
how distant is the haiku?
no words spoken here

Summer had to end
right now we're pinioned between
two tremendous thoughts

Inside the building
only the inner courtyard
hints at what's outside

Memory of you
whatever name you carry
rumbles the A/C



"inner courtyard," here, denots an enclosed atrium with skylights -- not like the conventional inner courtyard in a Chinese or Indian compound where actual sky can easily be seen. The building in question is a dozen storeys high. For windows (such as mine) that look only into the inner courtyard, not toward the outside of the building, whether it's sunny or overcast is merely somewhat vaguely suggested.

"A/C" = air conditioning; -- still audibly in use, though we approach end of summer. A strange array of white noise and windy tones / overtones . . .


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