Friday, October 13, 2006

1 | Cadmium Orange     [color poem / ballade]

Do I squander my last dollar
on Winton's phthalo blue cyan?
or do I rectify this squalor
maybe prove myself a man
who in artful manners can
afford a glimpse of beauty's range?
for my modest canvas span
Rembrandt's cadmium orange

On a ground of Naples yellow
figure limned in burnt Sienna
wooden floor without a pillow
in the model's hair is henna
says she hails from Vienna
she had hankered for a change
as my palette knife begins to
blend Sienna and the orange!

Is it true her eyes are green?
painting licenses imagination
and that little forest scene
through the window? a vacation
for the viewer   information
might amuse the scholar-fringe
but the painting's key narration
reads her tresses' sheer orange!

if you glimpse your heart's elation
in a face whose gaze is strange
do you note the integration
hinges on the tint of orange?


3rd orange poem in color sequence; also commencing a new ballade sequence

[Winton and Rembrandt are two popular brands for oil paints; Phthalo Blue, Naples Yellow (a light, whitish yellow), Burnt Sienna (a rich, dark brown) and Cadmium Orange are common colors used in this medium]


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