Wednesday, October 04, 2006

4 | "One motif"       [ballade]

I've savored the lull of hours
that subside before they leave
I've witnessed the wane of powers
that discover no voice to grieve
I've beheld the swirling sleeve
in wake of the dancer's flow
from this weave there's no reprieve
myself   I do not know

I've listened to speech's lie
where masks portray the sincere
I've noticed the beggars shy
and yearning to just disappear
I've sensed the ring of fear
offstage from a jolly show
one thing anyway is clear
myself   I do not know

I've looked to the face of joy
from out of the frame of thought
been prey to illusion's ploy
seen how house-mice are caught
I've strolled for miles down streets
that array both sun and snow
every block one motif repeats
myself   I do not know

William the world competes
would each dog nab best-of-show?
I'm a wag with a heart that beats
myself   I do not know


This is the fourth ballade in a sequence dedicated to W.S. Merwin


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