Monday, October 02, 2006

5 | "In waking life"       [vers libre]

I wake late from a dream --
in the dream I was visiting in
San Francisco and planned
to fly down to Los Angeles where
I was going to visit with Markar
and Parkar (who in fact live in

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
but in the dream are in LA)
they mention if I come when
I'm planning it'll be too late
since Markar (in the dream)
is dying from cancer

so I'm changing my plan and
coming earlier to Los Angeles

meanwhile a dream person had
asked me about driving directions
to someplace in San Francisco
it seems to be around North Beach
(in a vague distorted way that
doesn't resemble real geography)

and apparently I give what's felt
to be useful advice regarding
how to get from dream point A
to dream point B but I should say
that in waking life my Mother who
lives in Los Angeles has lately

been diagnosed with cancer though
she's not displaying signs of dying
not in the now-visible symptomology --
she's going the naturopathic route
at present shelling out for electronic
acupuncture several times a week


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