Friday, October 13, 2006

"Earth's blear"     [ekphrasis / ballade]

Something like squares (if examined close)
but smoothed and waved in Peruvian ways
this faceted stone won't wax verbose
its silence sprawls for a slew of days
beyond its crusty fringe there plays
wide water's fluctuant narrative
low comely hills long bathed in haze
my sentence grows declarative

Where tones of water blend green and grise
the Pacific portrays a dark gestalt
earth's blear enjoys a near-timeless lease
our tears but fraction its sum of salt
here high is brought to low's default
this is not a thing so pejorative!
the gully's filled with brine not guilt
my sentence grows declarative

Do hints of trees drape yonder hills?
low-lying firs or ambitious scrub?
what plausible fish with vivid gills
must survive amid this outsized tub?
one drinks one's fill in such a pub
evolution is thus preparative!
the stones' array betrays no hub
my sentence grows declarative

With so much polishing where's the rub?
would I dub such shores despairative?
as a member of this pelagic club
my sentence grows declarative


Meditation on a photo of the Monterey Coast, thanks to Rachel Dacus's blogged display


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