Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"In the physical world"     [ghazal]

To walk down the highway in actual fact   is different
the verbal abode   from the road of the act   is different

the gestures of thought are like filligree traced in the air
when carving in marble   the total impact   is different

both living and dying are staged   in the physical world
a realm of ideas   from a city that's sacked   is different

the fruit of the vine is mundane   the vine is its servant
this sacrifice is   from a social contract   how different?

couldn't concepts suffice?   to act on them bristles with hazard!
but the measure of earth that this recipe lacked   was different

point A to point B   our trajectories need locomation!
a theory of movement when put into practice proves different

in pure speculation the journey is noiseless and dustless
in train and at station   the click and the clack   are different

although there was no one so eager for life as Ardeo
it's mordantly clear that his knapsack was packed   a bit different

when Ardeo popped out   he presumed he could loll in the clouds
but the stars that he saw   when a wall had been smacked   were different


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