Saturday, October 21, 2006

more stray strands of research     [Indian classical music notes]

Sitar Factory (a blog)

débloque-notes -- which is source of the astonishing chart of Indian classical musicians.

From A to Z, the chart appears to have 2,068 entries. The following are the musicians listed as vichitra vina players --

Also to note:

The website of the ITC Sangeet Research Academy (Kolkata) includes a good and extensive audio archive, called Raga Online.

Also note:

The MP3 Library lists a bunch of Indian classical music (though so far I've not succeeded in hearing any of it).

(Similarly), I'd like to hear the audio clips peppering pandit Parrikar's expositions, but so far haven't managed to do so.

A lot of Sikh singers here:
The Gurmat Sangeet Project. These, anyway, I'm succeeding in hearing (streaming audio).

Ah, now the DoveSong audio is working. Recommended: Elder Dagar Brothers' Darbari Kanada -- see the Kanada Ragas page.

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Also -- good news! in the Karnatic [or if you wish, Carnatic] music sphere: Carnatic Kritis Online. When I discovered the Anahata blog recently, I figured it might prove a trove of good things. So it's proving -- as for instance that Karnatic music link, thanks to a good discussion of Dikshitar's Kamalambam Navavarna krithis.


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