Thursday, October 12, 2006

Orange Bonanza     [color poem]

I saw a strange mirage
it looked like my garage
it seemed I would unhinge
its door was so orange!

I glimpsed a lovely palace
and felt no twinge of malice
one feeling did impinge
the feeling of orange!

I viewed a perfect city
its every part so pretty
above its mountain range
a sunset bloomed orange!

I pondered shining faces
they put me through my paces
but some of them grew strange
their eyeballs turned orange!

I watched a colorful poem
bloom up from turquoise loam
its petals seemed to singe
and soon they glowed orange!

some might deem me a mensch
for writing many a stanza
that blithely rhyme orange?
let's dub this Orange Bonanza

Bonanza ain't a banana
though orange may be naranja
tomorrow -- ah maƱana
we'll meet an orange sangha


Peter Griffin at Caferati did me the kindness of launching a color poem exercise, based on my implied assertion (or semi-demonstration) such color words as orange, purple and silver can (contrary to popular belief) be rhymed (at least "sort of"). The above poem is an attempt to flesh out the idea with regard to orange.


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