Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Three Poeias     [ballade]

Melopoeia was drawing a bath
phanopoeia was lacing his shoes
melopoeia was trilling a laugh
phanopoeia was milling the blues
logopoeia was ready for words
mounting the mountain and clambering to climb
phanopoeia was soaring with birds
melopoeia was dappled with rhyme

Melopoeia was feeling the beat
pulled by the pulse of the phrase as it came
phanopoeia was struck by the street
logopoeia was mulling the name
phanopoeia was topping his game
shooting a film with the face of a mime
logopoeia was burning with flame
melopoeia was dappled with rhyme

Melopoeia was dripping with honey
logopoeia was tripping on thought
phanopoeia was cloudy or sunny
lacking for money were poetry's lot
logopoeia was mining for meaning
melopoeia was musically fine
phanopoeia was golding or greening
melopoeia was dappled with rhyme

"Sight. Sound & Intellect." quoth Louis Z.
quaffing the Poundian lexicon's wine
phanopoeia was often at sea
melopoeia was dappled with rhyme


vide Logopoeia (Wikipedia)

Gene Fowler (who discusses the three terms interestingly, though neglecting to credit Ezra Pound as their originator) translates melopoeia as "melody-making," phanopoeia as "sense-making" (also noting the more literal "image-making" and "fantasy-making"), and logopoeia as "revelation-making" (while skipping over the literal "word-making").
47. "Phanopoeia, Melopoeia, Logopoeia." — Ezra Pound
48. "Sight. Sound & Intellect." — Louis Zukofsky
    -- Allen Ginsberg, Mind Writing Slogans

I got on this particular poetics-principles wavelength today thanks to a little argument in Silliman's blog comments stream about whether (and which of) these three poetry-qualities are found in a particular passage quoted from Robert Creeley.


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