Monday, November 27, 2006

Ali Akbar Khan     [music documentary video]

There's a likeable little documentary video (streaming, 8min 43sec) about Ustad Ali Akbar Khan as music teacher, here. Evidently it was created for a public television program in San Francisco. The level of info is basic; but it's nice to have a glimpse of Khansaheb. His young son, Alam (whom one finds humble and likeable), is hintingly introduced as the face of the future in Khansaheb's teaching lineage. Khansaheb's wife Mary also figures in the footage. Overall, it's a good snapshot of the music teacher. He could spend his whole life concertizing, if so disposed. Instead, he tours for a couple months of the year in the winter (some of that time, teaching at the music school in Basel, Switzerland), spending the rest of his time indefatigably teaching students (of all levels) in San Rafael, California.

Born in 1922, the maestro is now in his mid-80s. May he live long, may we enjoy his music more.


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