Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maryam Gazala: "Slumbering deep"   [ghazal translation]

Slumbering deep   the morning bringing   please don't be
let me abide in dream!   rude-wakening   please don't be

go and inscribe my name with care   on a plinth of marble
don't scrawl it in sand   and forever erasing   please don't be!

I've come back   out of the river Ganges   after centuries!
my vacuous moments   freshly reviving   please don't be

amid these worlds   far stars keep twinkling   firefly-like
forever along my path   lamp-lighting   please don't be

my eyes aren't actually eyes!   no   these are darkling mirrors
mine own visage   yet again revealing   please don't be

but what after all is life?   merely the play of breathing
leave it victorious   back from losing   please don't be

in the mirror-hall of my heart   how many scenarios blossom!
with shyly lowered gaze   herein stealing   please don't be!

shading your peepers with phony glamour   of darksome glasses
at the starkly real   monotonously gazing   please don't be

unheeding of the unscattered shadows   in your own dwelling
in blazing day   a dozen torches kindling   please don't be

if Gazala's tears don't look so appealing   in your opinion
with vapid dewdrops   decorating   please don't be


From an Urdu ghazal ("Neend Gehri Hai") by Maryam Gazala Radhanpuri -- following from Max Babi's literal translation.


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