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passage to India cont'd     [travel research]

(picking up from my earlier post of misc. research notes)

This wiki-based page at -- re: Bangalore-by-plane -- has a good rundown of airlines (and origin cities) with Bangalore destination.

As I'm trying to work out an affordable route to Bangalore (from DC) via Beijing, this point seems of poss. interest:
From Jan 2006, the low cost airline JetStarAsia will fly between Bangalore and Singapore five times a week.
Indeed, on dates that there are flights, one finds a "JetSaver" rate circa $179 (1-way) from Singapore to Bangalore (nonrefundable; $30 charge if changing date of flight). At the moment, I find these dates & rates:
Jan. 1 (Mon. $168): 01:25 Singapore / 02:55 Bangalore
Jan. 3 (Wed. $179): 01:25 Singapore / 02:55 Bangalore
Jan. 6 (Sat. $168): 01:25 Singapore / 02:55 Bangalore
Jan. 8 (Mon. $189) . . .
So, perhaps it's just Monday/Wednesday/Saturday
(The "JetFlux" rate is about double the JetSaver rate, but has less restrictions.)

Via, I find 1-way flights DC/Singapore as low as around $560 (United)

Maybe best for me is DC / Beijing / Singapore / Bangalore.

Yes, via CheapoAir, I find a United flight 1-way (DC/Beijing) for $465 (Jan.9).
Via CheapoAir, I find a Garuda flight 1-way (Beijing/Singapore) for $211 -- but not right date. Garuda Airlines seems maybe the airline to look for though.
(Their website does show some Beijing/Singapore flights, but doesn't give rates; one has to check via contacting their representatives.)

(Poss. also notable is the site.)


Regarding Bangalore, note:
Byramangala, Abbanakuppe Village, Ittamadu Post,
Bidadi Hobli, Ramangaram Taluk,
Bangalore 560109 Karnataka.
(Mr.V.Deva Rao - 080-27202160, +919880311569)
Monthly Program, Every Second Sunday - 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM1.
(per this list)
Ah, this site seems to have the clearest info (and an email address).
Which is the "2nd Sunday"? -- if it's once per month, it must literally be the 2nd Sunday, viz. January 14. (This, now confirmed by email.)

So: Sunday, Jan.14 can be departure day from Bangalore for Bhopal (via rajdhani express, Train No. 2429, as noted earlier):
Days of service M,W,Th,Su
Bangalore (Dep) 18.35
Secunderabad (Dep) 06.55
Nagpur (Dep) 15.10
Bhopal (Dep) 20.50
(ergo, arriving Bhopal evening of Monday, January 15th -- presumably by around 8pm)


Also of note in Bangalore --
The Samadhi of Sadguru Shri Narayan Maharaj is at Bangalore at the following address / location which you may like to visit to take the Darshan:

Sri Bet Narayan Maharaj ashram and Brindavan
No 70, Gavi gangadhareshwara circle
Gavipura, Kempe gowda nagar
Bangalore - 19 (Karnataka) India

(It is opposite to Gavigangadhareshwara cave temple (1 kms from Bull temple) and near a lake called Kempambudhi tank.)
-- per detailed webpage about Narayan Maharaj.

Of course during his life, Narayan Maharaj was based at Kedgaon, which is near Ahmednagar (Maharashtra). His bio-note mentions his having travelled to Bangalore just prior to completing his life; evidently this is why his Samadhi is in Bangalore.


Blogger Ian Keenan said...

My book says that it's about a $50 dollar difference between flights from Beijing and Hong Kong and Singapore.. so Beijing - Singapore - Bangalore is a good route. Hearing those city names is making me hungry!

Sun Nov 26, 04:33:00 PM PST  
Blogger david raphael israel said...

ah thanks Ian. The new affordable flight (Singapore/Bangalore) is an element in this equation making it a reasonable gameplan I think (even if somewhat more costly than simple US/India direct). I'm vague about Singapore (or Shinga-pore, as my Chinese teacher used to pronounce it); all I know is, don't spit out chewing gum on the sidewalk. (I'll likely be confined to airport anyway.)

Sun Nov 26, 05:16:00 PM PST  

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