Thursday, November 16, 2006

Search Engine       [ghazal]

I'm burrowing into the net   with a search engine
but what has my seeking soul met   with a search engine?

abandoning the world   and abiding in virtual limbo
you'll discover a land of regret   with a search engine

though born in one city   growing up in another   & dying in a third
can you reach past your micro-hamlet   with a search engine?

if I start with one word   it will sire an ocean of words!
all these fishes my loaf can beget   with a search engine

you could google for God   but Sunyata is absent from Ebay
still you'll nab each wine-dark epithet   with a search engine

is the library outmoded?   will the papersome book be abandoned?
is it turned (like a rock) to a pet   with a search engine?

when you live incognito   none guess at the ruse for a spell
all bewildered   they look for you yet   with a search engine

When Ardeo reached out for the moon   in her arc through the night
did he round out his peripatet   with a search engine?


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