Sunday, November 26, 2006

Success and its discontents   [gnomic rubai]

He seeks the chair of nothingness and nothing less
allowing as his happiness is nothingness
there's nothing stopping someone from attaining that
except perhaps a hint of wanting something yes?


Responsive to Kirby Olson's evidently ironic rumination on the topic of success (for a poet), in a comment on Silliman's blog, viz.:
I think success would be to have a large independent income and do nothing at all. Not even stare at one's feet. Just sit in a bathtub all day pretending to be dead with eyes closed and ears plugged, and the water at skin tem,perature so you can't even feel it.

Given that that is next to impossible, the closest thing to it would be an ideal academic job: a chair of nothingness at nothing state university in nothingsville.

Now that would be something!


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