Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The new chic             [sonnet]

This is the first announcement of a new literary magazine: PHOENIX. I am now accepting submissions in any genre...
§ PHOENIX will appear at least once a year and perhaps quarterly.... The initial run will be at least two hundred copies. § I will be renting a P.O. Box, but until I do, submissions can and should be sent to.... They can also be given to me in person at The Phoenix Reading Series @ Socrates Restaurant....
§ The final format of the magazine is still to be determined. However, it will be clean, well-designed, very readable and feel good to hold. It will not, however, be slick, and if that quality is important to you PHOENIX is not for you.

     [in an email received this morning; emphasis added]

What is this sickness of slickness?
or the chicness   of its obviation?
if slickness were less than a sickness
would unslickness unleash less elation?
it seems that the issue of slickness
has risen high up the agendum
of publishing smallfrydom   nip this
in the bud   I would not!   one addendum
I'll note though   I wot not what "slickness"
precisely connotes to these whippersnaps
I'm sure though thru thinness or thickness
they'll leave it afar from their bubble-wraps
    unslickness slides home!   the new chic
    though it's been around more than a week

[modest rib-poking notwithstanding, we extend collegial good wishes to the ashes-born fledgling -- may it fare well & fly far]
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