Saturday, February 11, 2006

"Many rings"         [ghazal]

[This is a second ghazal with radif "like this"; this one continues (among other things) to embelish a few further, didactic suggestions regarding how such a poem is constructed, or what some of its attributes can be. The aforesaid earlier poem is seen here: bling-blings. Incidentally, Maulana Jelaluddin Rumi also composed a well-known ghazal (in Farsi) with a refrain "like this." Naturally, these playful, trivial specimens of mine cannot hold a candle to a candle held to the poetry of that great one. (His model poem yet merits mention in passing -- before we proceed to this idle fun.)]

Each day some message brings   like this!
each night   some crooner sings   like this!

do wanderings seem too far & wide?
the tree gains many rings   like this!

when winter's kitchen-fire burns dim
we clutch her apron-strings   like this

a myriad seeds   asleep in earth
what blossoms dream of springs   like this!

do birds not yearn to reach the branch?
you reach it on a wing   like this!

the circus barkers promise the moon!
"see all & everything   like this!"

what heart does not desire delight?
don't yahts get christenings   like this?

"like this" suggests the swift fell swoop
of knife or pen that swings   like this!

the turban's cloth is first stretched out!
then rolled up   for the Singhs   like this!

the Marco Polos of my rhymes
arrive at bright Beijings   like this!

when Nixon with the Chairman played
his pong replied to pings   like this!

the sher's twin lines   (alike twain breasts)
the radif   so tightly clings   like this!

what speechless monarch   taciturn
in Kathmandu   says things   like this?

"off with his head!"   (often she spake?)
who needs discomfittings   like this?

the rhyme became a temple bell!
the priest made dongs & dings   like this!

Ardeo cordially invoked
largesse from gods & kings   like this

"the poem wrote itself" he claimed
he mouths peculiar things   like this!

Ardeo!   like Maulana   drink
from silence's wellsprings   like this!

[note: in an immediate sense, this poem was inspired by, and responsive to what the poet took as an encouraging note (the latter apparently posted in regard to the aforesaid antecedent poem), a note written by a woman unknown to the poet, said to reside in Kathmandu, Nepal, and who (on the networks) appears under the screen-handle "Queen of Hearts" -- hence a few allusions toward end of this poem (including one to Lewis Carroll's said Queen).

ps: I've added 2 further shers to the ghazal, the last one mentioning Maulana (lit., "our Master" -- an epithet for Rumi), since I had mentioned his poem in the preface above. It was Rumi's custom, very often, to include the word "silence" in the final couplet of his ghazals. Hence the hat-tip.]


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