Friday, January 13, 2006

ARS POETICA :   A Cycle of 14 Sonnets

1 |   "Her yielding touch"
2 |   "Doom & glory"
3 |   "Our conversation"
4 |   "Dozens of echoes"

5 |   "Her religion"
6 |   "Strolling in twilight"
7 |   "A human belov├Ęd"
8 |   "The courtly poets"

9 |   "The real trouble"
10 |   "By the kelly hillside"
11 |   "On the other end of the phone"
12 |   "A laude of fresh delight"

13 |   "Across the river"
14 |   "His name"

This is the second cycle of 14 sonnets I've recently written and blogged. The first one was:

        FLAME & ASH: A Novella in 14 Sonnets

That page additionally notes all other sonnets I've blogged to date.

note: for this cycle of 14 blogged items, the Comment feature has been disabled for individual poems; instead, that feature is enabled here on this page. Readers are invited freely to comment on the poems (whether individually or collectively, as they please) here.


Blogger ~River~ said...

Another very ambitious effort. The sonnet sequence flows rather well and I enjoyed going through it. There were portions and individual pieces that I enjoyed more than others. For instance, the concluding couplet of "Dozens of Echoes" is remarkable and I loved reading "Her Religion".

Just a tiny grouse. Isn't Poetry as Seductive Beloved an overdone idea?

Fri Jan 13, 05:12:00 AM PST  
Blogger Neha said...

hey david!
this is really interesting!
just saw your comment on my blog :)
thanku very much.. n hey the scrolling blog list is by using an html tag called marquee.. if u want the code i'll send it to ya.. jus send me ur email id..

Fri Jan 13, 06:08:00 AM PST  
Blogger mariandreea said...


Fri Jan 13, 09:07:00 AM PST  

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